About No Limit Ships

We know our business at No Limit Ships. Beyond that. We understand your wishes and have the knowledge and know how translate them into specifications for your future yacht. You’ll see this in the design and the finish of our functional and robust craftsmanship and our unique and comfortable yachts. Together we will build your perfect and ideal ship with its very own No Limit Ships signature.

A company focused on innovation

Our team eats, sleeps and dreams building yachts. Our motivation is to integrate only the latest methods and novelties into our product development and into our designs. By maintaining short lines between between the build and product development, we are able to stay focused and flexible while being able to quickly innovate. Our clients with their high expectations know this about us in the commercial market from our extremely seaworthy No Limit models. Our clients such as researchers Wubbo Ockels also know how to reach us for work requiring customization, such as the build of the forward thinking Ecolution

Our commitment to you

We strive for perfection, meaning that you can except to receive comprehensive and adequate service even after taking delivery of your vessel. The satisfaction and mobility of our clients is our highest priority. We make sure that you feel free to go where you want, when you want. Our models offer you much to explore.

Our history

Founded in Groningen in 1996 with a clear objective. The founders of No Limit Ships wanted to develop an extremely seaworthy ship which was safe and comfortable. A ship ready to set sail at any moment. A ship ‘without limitations’.

We can safely say that we succeeded. No Limit Ships is now a renowned name that stands for high quality, reliability, safety and comfort.

The first No Limit 1500 is at the heart of following No Limit models, each with its own specific characteristics. Since 2006, the commercial market has discovered the versatility of this model. Since then we’ve build the No Limit for the demanding commercial and professional market. The models are used in the most extreme conditions and must therefore meet high certification and quality requirements.

We apply our extensive experience to the No Limit models from the commercial market for the pleasure seeker ships the Citation and the Blue City models. In this way we are able to protect and strengthen our reputation in terms of quality, safety and reliability, which since 1998.

De verhalen van No Limit Ships