About No Limit Ships

No Limit Ships is a company focused on developing and building sea worthy and functional work ships from 10 to 25 meters.

Global reputation

No Limit Ships has an excellent global reputation when it comes to building ships and crew tenders. Our shipyard has seen many satisfied customers over time.

Our shipyard has the know how and the experience in house to build and deliver complete work ships according to your specifications. Our company als has a lot of experience with various classification bureaus and their associated requirements.

The goal of our methods is to deliver a product that meats the requirements and needs of our customers. Clear and efficient communication is key within our shipyard, with our current customers and with you. This is why we have the No Limit Pro concept which includes a high quality standard which which we can continue to improve our product development in an efficient manner.

Service and customer satisfaction

Quick and reliable service is important for the continuation of our work. We understand this like no other. This is why we select the products we apply very carefully and work very closely with our suppliers. This collaboration means we can maintain a high level of relevant knowledge which allows us offer optimal service and maintenance. We are available 24/7 to you.

Our history

Founded in Groningen in 1996 with a clear objective. The founders of No Limit Ships wanted to develop an extremely seaworthy ship which was safe and comfortable. A ship ready to set sail at any moment. A ship ‘without limitations’.

We can safely say that we succeeded. The commercial market, with it’s high expectations, has come to know this about us. The models we offer are used in the most extreme conditions and must meet the high certification and quality requirements.

No Limit Ships is a reputable name that stands for high quality, reliability, safety and comfort and is an understanding within the dredging, offshore and surveying industry.

De verhalen van No Limit Ships