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“The No Limit Pro, versatile…”

No Limit Ships is specialized in the construction of seaworthy vessels for very specific tasks. We build them under Lloyds classification whenever necessary. Our No Limit Pro concept is a proven concept and very veratile. The No Limit is ideal for survey work on the water because of the speed and unparalleled seaworthiness. The ship is also suitable as a crew tender, a coast guard, or for wind farm applications. The basis of the No Limit model can be further modified so that it can meet the requirements of virtually any offshore application.

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“Designing and building ships is our passion”

Are you looking for a work ship with specific requirements? No Limit Ships is your partner in building a solution together just for you.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our knowledge and years of experience can help you build a ship that is specially designed and built just for your needs. We are experts when it comes to customization.

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Article in Passagemaker test No Limit by Dag Pike

Dag Pike tested No Limit 16.40 for Passagemaker Here you can read the  article published in nov/dec edition 2016  1216 NO LIMIT

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Movie from crossing the Ocean to Ft. Lauderdale

Movie No Limit Ships Goes USA  Jurgen Braam made a small movie of this journey.      

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Geo Connection at Ras Laffan.

The Geo Connection has been chartered by Boskalis Westminster to provide a multi-purpose survey platform supporting their scope of work on the Flow Assurance … Continue reading Geo Connection at Ras Laffan.

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